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Patient Testimonials

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

When I went to see Dr. Renner, I thought my only option was back surgery. After adjustments and spinal decompression therapy my back no longer hurts and I no longer have pain shooting down my leg. It is such a relief to no longer be in constant pain. Thank you!”
Posted By: Robert M.
“I did not know why my wrist hurt so badly. I thought that it had to be carpal tunnel syndrome. Then a friend of mine suggested seeing Dr. Renner. He was able to tell me what was causing my wrist pain and was able to fix it. Since then I have happily referred my friends to see him. If you are in pain he is the person you should talk to.”

Posted By: Jill S.
“Before someone referred me to Dr. Renner I thought that headaches were just something that I had to deal with. Let me tell you, I was wrong! If you have headaches, you owe it to yourself to talk to Dr. Renner.”

Posted By: Lauren C.
After 6 to 8 years of experiencing an annoying pain in my lower back, I went to see Dr. Renner. After the first adjustment, I felt so much relief but had no idea how much better I was going to feel in the months following. Dr. Renner is thorough and his holistic approach to healthcare really was exactly what I needed. We did a combination of adjustments, acupuncture, electro-therapy, and deep tissue massage.
About two months into the program, I really started to feel like my old self. I hadn't realized how many other issues I had that could have been corrected. Before I went to see Dr. Renner, I had experienced nausea on a regular basis every morning, constant headaches, was constantly sweating heavily, and my hands and feet were either cold or hot. Every night I was falling asleep on the couch by 9 pm and when I went to sleep, rarely did I sleep through the night and often woke up 5-6 times nightly. All of these symptoms I had ignored because I thought that they were stress- related owing to my being in a graduate school program. I didn't realize how much pain I
was in before the treatment until the overall changes started. After we started the acupuncture in addition to the adjustments, the changes were extremely noticeable. I no longer was sweating as much as I had, the morning nausea was gone, headaches were gone, my overall temperature felt even and more comfortable, and I was sleeping so much better than I had been (without the constant waking up in the night). Additionally, I feel so much more energy; so I am much more productive. During the first visit, my husband was quite impressed with Dr. Renner's listening skills and time spent on thoroughly evaluating my health needs; my husband started to work with Dr. Renner as well. Dr. Renner has been helping us to strengthen our core muscles by giving us exercise guidance with a fun yoga ball. Though the treatment isn't free, it is well worth it and Dr. Renner even has helped us with the rate as our insurance is not as extensive to cover chiropractic visits. Not only do I have increased energy, but my moods have greatly improved and I no longer feel that heavy/depressed feeling that accompanies constant pain. I visited my sister recently and had not seen her for a year and a half; during our visit she kept saying that I seemed much taller. I think it's because I am standing straight now and no longer in pain. Thank you, Dr. Renner, for helping me to feel the way that I should!


Ph.D Candidate & Instructor
Communication Department
Texas A&M University
Posted By: Samaria D.R. Perez Stanford, M.A.
One day I severly hurt my back so badly that I could no longer work, and it even hurt to breath. I was referred to Dr. Renner by a good friend of mine, and after 3 visits I was back to work full time. After a few more visits Dr. Renner had my back in better shape than before I got hurt. Thanks again.

Posted By: Zane Ponsetti -
Thank you so much for restoring the feeling to my leg with your disc decompression therapy. This could have been serious and in only 4 visits you have me feeling like my old self again.
Posted By: Kelli Garcia
Symptoms before seeing Dr. Renner: Quick and severe allergic reaction to brief exposure to allergens (in particular dust), including fevers, dizziness and nausea. Difficulty traveling because of my severe reaction to changes in allergen levels and the fact that motion made my symptoms worse. I would often wake up feeling ill in the morning (sinus pressure and nausea), even if I was taking allergy medication. I would get diarrhea frequently due to what I was eating, though I had a hard time figuring out what in particular was a problem. I would get colds that would be pretty severe and they would linger for weeks.

Sticking the food sensitivity diet had made my allergic reactions less frequent and less severe, and travel has become easier. Colds are no longer as severe and they don't last. As long as I stay away from foods that I am sensitive to I no longer have digestion problems. When I take allergy medicine it is more likely to work. I don't feel ill anymore in the mornings. An unexpected bonus is that pain and discomfort that occurs during my menstrual cycle is shorter and less severe.
Posted By: Linda B.
Night and day. That’s the only way to describe my experience with Dr. Renner and his team. As a sports official, back tightness and soreness are a common occurrence. My problem popped up out of the blue. I woke up one morning with a pain in my lower left back that was almost debilitating. It was a constant pain with no relief. Medication didn’t help at all. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Renner and within minutes of our initial discussion he knew what was causing the pain. He set me up on a program and within two weeks I noticed the pain lessening. At four weeks the pain was gone. All of this with no medication, but with a series of stretching exercises. His team was and is very understanding and patient with me. Their attention to my overall physical health is very refreshing. Not only did he address the specific issue, but through continued chiropractic maintenance, we identified barriers that limited my flexibility. Working with Dr. Renner and his team has improved my performance and increased my confidence, not only in officiating, but in all walks of life. I would gladly recommend Dr. Renner to any one handcuffed by physical limitations.
Posted By: Ron Crozier, Bryan, TX
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